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SlicePro™ - Safe & Quick Kitchen Slicer
SlicePro™ - Safe & Quick Kitchen Slicer
SlicePro™ - Safe & Quick Kitchen Slicer
SlicePro™ - Safe & Quick Kitchen Slicer
SlicePro™ - Safe & Quick Kitchen Slicer
SlicePro™ - Safe & Quick Kitchen Slicer

SlicePro™ - Safe & Quick Kitchen Slicer

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Have a hard time preparing a healthy dish?

Not anymore! Preparing your favorite dishes is now faster, easy, and make safer

The safest way to slice with 30 different cuts, easy to use, no loose blades, BPA free, & safe cleaning. Slice, Dice, Julienne and more!

This unique design prevents your Hands from ever going near the built-in blades. Making SlicePro the safest option for an Expert slice.

The Mandoline Super Slicer – The Mandoline Super Slicer

Professional and Versatile

No more deep-frozen fries! With the SlicePro™ you'll have freshly cut fries in 3 minutes.

No need to change blades if you want to switch from strips to dice. Rotate the regulator to your desired setting.

Do you prefer a thinner slicer? Adjust the second regulator to choose your desired thickness.

Ergonomic & Convenient

Ease to use with versatility for many cutting options. Built for high safety & a useful all-in-one veggies/fruits slicer for your kitchen needs.

Five sizes of chopper blades are available for cutting, you can also use them to slice meat. The meat must be frozen before slicing and must be boneless.



High quality and made to last

No wobbling and no blunt blades. The SlicePro™ is made from stainless steel and premium ABS, being 100% free from harmful chemicals and fully food grade tested and approved.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Davon Howell

Once you get your head round the basic principles this device is really easy to use. It's sturdy and feels well-constructed - I knoew it's a little pricier than some other veg slicers, but with many kitchen gadgets the law of "buy cheap, buy twice" applies here and this slicer is built to last. It doesn't wobble and there's no wrestling to make it work - it's always nice when things do exactly what they're supposed to without loads of fuss.

Barry Cooper

This arrived yesterday and I've used it twice.
My first trial was a small baking potato, which fitted whole into the chute. The chopper made short work of turning it into chips - it needed none of the elbow grease that I've had to use with conventional mandolins.
The second experiment was on salad, with half a carrot and a cucumber turned into juliennes, as thin as possible. This again worked well and saved me loads of time.

The chopper and all its parts seem to be very well made and sturdily built. It's far better than any of the other veg choppers I've tried, and easier to clean too. Worth the investment.

Lenna Stevens

Worth every penny! A whole cucumber went down to ideal thin slices in less than 30 seconds. It would take at least 5 minutes to do it with a knife, and would definitely not look as good. Good stuff!

Hillary Jones

Had it about a month now.
Well made.
Lots of choppng options.
Very fine and easy thickness adjustment but I tend to use max and middle settings most of the time (8 and 4 mm).
Takes a little while to get used to the adjustment and mode mechanism but easy once understood and used a few times.
Easy to clean with brush/cleaner provided and fast running water.
Folds away neatly.

Mrs. Gilbert

This is the best slicer I have ever used. I have arthritis in my hands and this is amazing. I sliced potatoes and onions for layered tattie pot very quick, no effort at all.
Very safe hands, not near blades at all compared to my old mandolin, so I'm very happy with this quick safe and does the job.

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