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PowerJet Pro™️
PowerJet Pro™️
PowerJet Pro™️
PowerJet Pro™️
PowerJet Pro™️
PowerJet Pro™️
PowerJet Pro™️
PowerJet Pro™️

PowerJet Pro™️

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Bringing real power, to your shower.

Nothing is more comforting than a nice, warm shower to soothe and melt away stress and muscle tension at the end of a looong, hectic day.

PowerJet Pro is designed with the sole purpose of amplifying your low-pressure shower and increasing its water pressure, providing you with a better shower!




You don't have to deal with measly water pressure anymore!

With 300 patented micro-jet power nozzles to achieve this pressure, you can now feel like you're standing beneath a waterfall after a crazy day at work, letting the water beat away your sore and tensed muscles, while washing away all your worries and stress. Such a heavenly feeling.




Enjoy a luxury hotel shower experience every day.

PowerJet Pro is designed to give you the most powerful and invigorating shower experience, just like those 5 star hotels or high end spas straight, but this time from your bathroom.



With a universal fitting, the PowerJet works with all shower types, and requires no tools for installation!


Key Benefits of PowerJet Pro:

- PowerJet amplifies water pressure

- Cuts shampoo and soap rinse time by half

- Universal inlet, suitable for all shower types

- Easy Installation. Simply twist off “old” and twist on “new”. No tools required.

- Made with durable ABS and chromic finish



What's included?

- 1x PowerJet ShowerHead

- 1x 1.5 meter shower hose

- 1 PowerJet Wall Mount + 2x screws



Loving it is easy. That’s why so many people do.

"I'm really impressed with this shower head. It screwed on to my standard shower hose with no fitting problems. Really happy with the pressure and the direction of the water makes it feel like a massage." - Kerrie S.






Q: Will this shower head fit my current shower head tube?

A: Yes it will. PowerJet Pro™️ works with electric, gas and tank showers with standard fittings. This include motorhomes such as RV's and Caravans. PowerJet Pro™️ is universal and will fit all standard shower tubes without any issues. 

Q: How do I install this shower head?

A: PowerJet Pro™️ installs in 2 steps without using any tools:-

Step 1. Twist off to remove old shower head from your shower hose

Step 2. Twist on to install PowerJet Pro™️ into your shower hose

Q: If my water source is already low pressure will this shower head work?

A. PowerJet Pro™️ is designed specifically to address this common problem that scales across many households in the world. You will immediately see a 300% increase in water pressure coming out of the PowerJet Pro™️ once installed.



Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Vivienne Mcnamee
Power pro shower head

The power head is brilliant. Wished I’d seen it earlier for sale
Took a little longer to arrive, but well worth the wait
Recommended and worth its money

Jennifer Herbert
PowerHet Pro shower head

This is the best shower head that I have ever purchased. It has a brilliant pressure/flow. I can't praise the PowerJet Pro enough. Well worth the money.

Hannah T.

The water pressure in my rented house (meaning I can’t just get a new bathroom) is abysmal - really it’s like someone is just dribbling on you in the shower.
My parents bought this and recommended it to me - if your struggling with rubbish water pressure in your shower then buy this! The spray is lovely and soft too.

Mark D.

We have weak water pressure (even with a 3 Bar pump) so I wasn't expecting much difference when I bought this but oh my god is it powerful! So much so that you can't put it down when just washing your hair as it lifts itself off the bottom of the bath! We bought this along with a replacement hose (with an 11mm bore) and the difference is staggering. We will likely need to replace it once or twice a year due to our very hard water where we live, but at that price, I won't complain.

Olly Towne

My top ensuite has very low water pressure, this is the best shower head I’ve ever brought for the shower.
The water really does give a good jet of water.
I’m very impressed and would recommend, if your shower has low water pressure.

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