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PureClean™ Silicone Broom
PureClean™ Silicone Broom
PureClean™ Silicone Broom
PureClean™ Silicone Broom
PureClean™ Silicone Broom

PureClean™ Silicone Broom

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Anything your broom can do, this can do better. 

The PureClean™ silicone broom is the best household investment, changing your cleaning experience for good.

Made from durable silicone, it cleans over 60% better than a normal bristle broom. The silicone bristles remove even the most lightweight and dust-like powder and ash. No more flying dust whilst sweeping! 



Silicone is incredibly durable so the broom will never wear out, shed, tear or change shape. No broken bristles, no hair and other dirt entangled. Built for long-lasting use!


  • Efficient cleaning

    The broom can be used on any surface, from tiles, to wood floors to carpets. And after that, you can easily rinse it with water. As simple as that.

  • Squeegee edge

    The head of the bream has a built-in squeegee, making it easier to wipe up liquids or even cleaning your windows!

  • Multipurpose use

    Any surface that needs a sweep, the PureClean broom can handle it. From artificial grass lawns, to patios, balconies, or any indoor area. Made the last, made to handle anything. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Wilmer Ryan

I know.. it is a bold statement. But trust me, in our family, we have 3 dogs, a baby and live in the country... dog hair, dust and anything coming in from the garden was my menace for years. This broom solved ALL my problems, to the point where I bought three more just to make sure I am never left without one. I highly recommend it! All my friends ended up buying more after seeing it in use!

Heath Ruecker


Karen D.

Sounds ridiculous to enthuse so much over a mop but after spending over £100 on a cordless vacuum that needed more maintenance than a Jag and kept breaking down , I decided to try this (which I use dry like a sweeping brush) and it’s amazing. What a revelation - 10 minutes a day and all the dog hair and dust is in a nice pile ready for the bin (unlike a sweeping brush where it’s flying around the place). Not sure of the science but there is no static which means all the muck, pet hairs etc just collects in a pile. I have loads of hard floor to cover and this has released me from the shackles of the hoover in a daily basis!! Only thing which could be improved upon is the handle which swivels a bit during sweeping -but not enough to knock any stars off!

Nicola Greenholt

Pulled gently at a shallow angle, the broom is brilliant at sweeping up dust and hair and crumbs from carpets, and it's great for scrubbing a wet kitchen floor to loosen things up before the mop. We managed to snap one of these through brute force and ignorance, and the seller promptly sent a replacement, which was really thoughtful and reassuring.

Dee Olson

Excellent quality. So many uses in one brush. Works well on getting pet hair out of my carpet. Brushed my kitchen floor with ease and even used it to clean my Windows using the brush to clean and squeegee to dry. Nice and compact and extendable for those hard to reach areas. I love it!

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