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Challenge your family and friends to PuckIt™️! The hectic fast-thinking board game that's highly competitive, ridiculously addictive, and immensely fun to play. A great game to pass the time, whilst having a blast!




To win, you simply need to fire all your pucks to your opponent's side, through the gap in the middle. Move quick, aim steady and you'll be crowned the PuckIt champ!


Play with family, friends, or loved ones over and start challenging each other. You'll have unforgettable times together!

Perfect for:

  • Pre-Gaming Challenges (maybe with adult drinks around)
  • Game Nights with Friends & Family
  • High Stakes Competition
  • Family-Friendly Game
  • Compact For Travel - > Perfect Camping Game


  • Easy to learn –  PuckIt is quick and easy to play, anyone from your grandparents to kids can pick it up and play! 
  • Handcrafted – Every wood piece is carefully crafted and completely unique. The knots, grooves, and indents of the wood. 
  • Addicting Fun –  Fast-paced interactive game that puts you toe-to-toe with another player to be the first to fire all the pucks to the other side!
  • Bring the Party – The StringPuck board is designed to be portable with its foldable feature. Take it anywhere you go with ease.
  • Made to Last – Each board is carefully handmade of top-notch wood and materials in the industry, you can rest assured that your StringPuck is incredibly durable.




1x PuckIt Board

10x PuckIt Pucks!

Product Dimensions

56cm x 30xm x 3cm  

*Not available in stores*

Designed by Home&Hedges

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Leanna Dicki

This game hasn't left our kitchen Island since we received it! We all love it and play all the time... It's a big deal when the kids would rather play a real game than play on their iPads.

Jenny L.

This is a seriously awesome game! I read the reviews and knew that I would have to wait a while before receiving (two months) it but I thought it would be worth the investment and it was!! This game has provided hours of entertainment within my family and among my friends. We now have a house champion for this game that everyone is competing for two months later. One friend loved it so much that she bought her own.

Leanne D

This game is soooo much fun!
My boyfriend saw this game on social media, and showed it to me.

Simon W

I love this table game it’s great when you have bbq’s to put this game out on table it’s fun And for any age. It helps pass the time.


My kids love this game they are 17 and 14. My son loves his Xbox so anything that can get him out of his room and playing with his sister and friends im all in. There is lots of yelling and trash talk when they are playing. Who would have thought something so simple would be so much fun. The games has held up to my kids abuse so im impressed. Our friends little girs love playing it as well they are 3 and 6 so I bought them the smaller one for a birthday. Good times are had by all who wins...and looses

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